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We believe in responsible agriculture, thus our farmers adhere to our strict protocols of production. We evaluate everything from animals welfare to environmental footprint. Currently our farmers are located in St. George and Dutton, Ontario, however we are always looking for farmers who align with our philosophy. We age all of our beef in-house, and custom break and bone whole animals. 

  • Hormone & antibiotic free

  • Raised on small, family-run farms

  • Humane transportation and slaughter

  • Low carbon footprint, all beef sourced from southern Ontario farms

​We carry 0 inventory meaning that our eggs are as fresh as they come. They go from the farm, to the grading station, to the customer. Season-driven, yolk colour ranges from deep yellow to orange (always naturally derived without use of synthetic yolk colouring agents).  

  • Cage free & free run

  • Pasture raised in warmer months


  • Hormone, ractopamine & antibiotic free

  • GMO free

  • Raised on small, family-run farms

  • Humane transportation and slaughter

    • Max 5 animals/trailer ​

    • Max 15min transportation time to abattoir 


Locally focused, naturally raised, meat procurement specialist and distribution company.



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*Specialty programs available based on time of year.

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